X4 Concept: Honey I shrunk the X6

5 April, 2013 | by Lance Branquinho

Yes, this is BMW’s new X4 concept – and you should be worried. Very worried.

Why? Well, who in the world would need a smaller X6?

You do well know it’s the silliest car BMW builds, the X6; with claustrophobic rear passenger accommodation – thanks to that dramatically sloping rear third roofline. There’s essentially no headroom if you’re taller 1.8m and have to ride in the back of one. Imagine just how cramped this X4 would be?

Although few technical details are available just yet (X4 concept’s public debut is scheduled for the Shanghai auto show later this month), it’s based on the current X3 platform.

Dimensionally this smaller-X6 is 120mm longer with a 50mm greater wheelbase than X3, and though that makes it appear more spacious, the fastback bodyshape will trim an awful lot of utility space and headroom clearance from the middle of X4 concept backwards. And that’s not very clever, now is it?

Dynamically BMW’s range of rather excellent six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines should be standard specification for X4 concept. Don’t be duped by the X4 concept tag either, though, they are going to build this, for all those people who think X6 is not quite cramped or silly enough.

Our question is simple: what’s wrong with a standard X3, 3 Series estate or even the new 3 Series GT?





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