Espresso Veloce’s V12 coffee machine

4 April, 2013 | by Lance Branquinho

There is something illogically endearing about engine-art. Whether it be a coffee table, a furniture installation or bar accessory – it hardly matters, we all love engines in the house.

All that shiny, perfectly crafted engine component aluminium, magnesium and titanium on display, it’s just so much cooler than hipster cutlery. What if you could combine engine art and artisan coffee? Wouldn’t that be the best way ever to star your day: coffee dispensed from a V12?

Well, Espresso Veloce certainly thinks so. That’s why the Italian coffee machine maker announced that it will produce 500 of these Espresso Veloce V12 coffee machines. Is there anything quite more petrolhead (in the world) for your kitchen? We certainly don’t think so.

Expertly crafted by Paolo Mastrogiuseppe, these Espresso Veloces are available in either V10 or V12 configuration, all modeled on the classic F1 3-litre swept capacity geometry. No pricing is available as yet, but expect to EFT a number beyond R100k for one.

Coolness factor? Arctic.


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