Fancy a one-off, rebodied Ferrari 328 GTS concept?

You want this one-off Ferrari 328 GTS

The problem with the Ferrari 328 GTS, said not many people, ever, was that it had too much roof. Too heavy. Too easy to get into because of doors. Not wild enough.

If your thought process went broadly along the same lines, allow us to present this one-off concept car: it is called the Conciso, and it is the work of German modder Michalak Design.

What it represents is Michalak’s desire for athleticism. And what appears to be a really fun track car. Taking the base 328 (chassis, drivetrain), the designers built an aluminium alloy body in the mould of a GP racer. So there are no doors – you have to literally climb in – nor roof, nor much in the way of a windscreen. Nor much in the way of rollover protection.

But hey, what you do get is a 200kW, 3.2-litre Ferrari V8 mounted in the middle, matched up to a five-speed gearbox and rear-drive. And because it has shed the 328’s skin and adopted its own, it weighs just 982kg. Performance? It has some. It’ll go from 0-100kph in “around” five seconds and top out at 278kph. Lively.

It was displayed at the 1993 Frankfurt Motor Show, at Geneva in ’94, sold in 1998 and then found its way to Belgium, where it was stored in a living room for many years. Now, it’s come up for auction again, at RM Sotheby’s Monaco sale on 12 May.

And get this – there’s no reserve. You could – could – bag yourself a bargain here…


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