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Drive Review: Carrera 911 T (2018) is Porsche at its purest

Certain Porsches require more commitment to own than others. Few people want to run a GT3 RS as a daily driver. But what if you desire a visceral experience without owning a track refugee from Zuffenhausen? Well, that’s the reason there’s now a 911 T.

Well, there’s now a Porsche 911 for just that eventuality. Amidst the huge 911 range one of the lesser known derivatives is a Porsche racing its heritage back to the 1968 911 T. Although its specification does not appear that inspiring, the 2018 Porsche 911 T is an excellent example of something being more than the sum of its parts.

What you are getting in exchange for your R1.5m is a base 911 engine with some very inspired equipment changes. The 3-litre flat-six might only boost to 272kW, but there’s a healthy 450Nm to shove the 911 T along. This is not a 911 for those who wish to merely chase A45s and RS3s robot-to-robot.

The intrinsic appeal of 911 T is in the harmony of its performance. Crucial to that is ticking the manual-gearbox option, which also implies having a mechanical limited-slip rear differential, with shortened ratios That trick mechanical differential means you can be very daring when applying the power mid-corner and thanks to the charismatic seven-speed manual’s shorter ratios, 911 T feels quicker than the 0-100kph time of 4.5 sec suggests.

Like all 911s, this ‘T’ is beautifully balanced and features delightfully crisp steering too. The cabin is a great driving environment too, with cloth seats, fabric door-pulls and thinner rear panel glass – which mean that flat-six noise is more present than in some other 911s. You can even choose to have the rear seats omitted to, reducing weight even further. Analyse the numbers and you start understanding how special an offering the 911 T is: a 272kW RWD car, with a manual gearbox and only 1425kg of kerb weight.

The 911 T is not quite a poor man’s 911 R, but close. Order one in manual and you’ll certainly never feel that you are having a lesser 911 experience, despite the relatively bargain price.


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