Hyundai i20 1.4 VGT Glide Diesel

1 March, 2013 | by Calvin Fisher

I can’t say exactly when it happened for sure, but diesel has definitely dethroned petrol. Obviously not in sporty applications, but for every other situation that requires a conservative trundle, you know… ‘life’, burning the black stuff makes so much more sense. Even here in SA where the price of diesel is nearly identical to petrol it still has great value, reducing your consumption to nearly half. Can you ignore that? I certainly can’t.

Then there’s that massive lump of torque that’s inherent of modern turbo diesel powertrains pulling you from pillar to post, love the stuff. So putting such a 1.4 engine into a little Korean hatch like the Hyundai i20 makes perfect sense right? Frankly, damn right it does. At R195 900 it is not what you’d call cheap though.

In its defence it does come brimming with toys, stuff like 16 inch alloy wheels, ABS with EBD, park assist, climate control, Bluetooth and an adjustable steering column. It’s churning 66kW and 122Nm through a six speed manual and the end result is smooth, fairly precise and returns an impressive 5l/100km fuel economy and a tax exempt 110g/km. That will do then, right?

Hyundai i20 1.4 VGT Glide Diesel R195 900



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