BMW M4 CS launches at Kyalami M Festival

For some, life without a roll-cage just isn’t worth living. But if you can live without the impracticality – and slightly less rigidity – then BMW has quite a tidy substitute for those of you who did not manage to secure an M4 GTS. It’s called the M4 CS and though it does not come with additional cabin chromoly tubing, a huge rear wing and booming exhaust system, it’s certainly not merely a warmed-over series M4.

Powering the stylishly subtle M4 CS is a tuned version of the celebrated BMW 3-litre twin-turbocharged in-line six. Good for 338kW, it rolls 285/30 R 20 Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres at the rear, guaranteeing superior traction and a claimed 0-100kph time of only 3.9 seconds.

Allow the M4 CS to run the full spread of its gearing and you’ll nudge a true 280kph top speed, but this M4 is not about kph numbers, it’s all about driver experience. BMW has built an M-car which is true to its heritage and legendary marketing tagline of ‘sheer driving pleasure’.

The level of engineering detail to achieve this is staggering. The M-active dampers have been recalibrated, in parallel with the electromagnetic power steering algorithm, to extract the best from M4 CS’s Pilot Sport tyres.

Positioned between the Competition Pack and revered limited-edition GTS M4, CS features a composite bonnet and roof, which manages to trim a notable 32kg of weight. At 1580kg, it’s a credibly light car for something of engine size and performance potential and the tenth greater agility should become noticeable when you start braking later, and pushing deeper, into corners.

At R1 838 500 it’s massively more expensive than a stock or Competition Pack M4, but if you are a considered collector of fast two-door BMWs, this could mature into a great investment – if your time horizon is a decade or two.


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