Big updates ready for entire (2018) Toyota Hilux range

Toyota SA has expanded its updated Toyota Hilux styling identity, which means your brother in law no longer has exclusivity on his recently acquired Dakar edition double-cab.

Although entry-level Toyota Hilux derivatives won’t feature the Dakar facade, the look has been applied to SRX grade bakkies and with a few other choice bits of new kit, they offer stellar value.

The latest Toyota Hilux update sees Raider gain a new all-black cabin design and the installation of SatNav. Perhaps the best blend of affordability and aspiration regards SRX: follow me home puddle lights and touchscreen audio functionality are now factory fitted to the mid-tier Hilux.

Toyota hasn’t forgotten about its utility customers either with specification upgrades to the workhorse Hilux derivatives too. Not everyone needs a 4×4 drivetrain, but ground clearance is particularly useful on a Hilux, for farm and construction crews. To this end Toyota’s revised Hilux range now features a raised body 2.4 GD manual, in the most basic speciation. Previously, the only way you could get steel wheels, ground clearance and utility specification on a Toyota Hilux single-cab was to go with the full 4×4 drive system.

Customers who have work crews who spend a lot of their time in double-cab bakkies will be thrilled with changes that have been made to the range too, with a new ‘S’ speciation Hilux double-cab. Rolling 17-inch steel wheels and PVC-cabin trim it’s not a leisure bakkie at all, but one aimed at environments where durability is paramount – industries such as mining, construction and heavy agriculture.

Other things to know about the revised Toyota Hilux range? You can now option the Inferno Orange colour on derivatives which are not Dakar edition and finally, we have a Hilux range that mirrors that of our right-had drive Australian friends. You know what means? Yes. Toyota South African has decided to also introduce the chassis cab Hilux single-ca models, for those who want the ultimate platform for load-carrying bakkie customisation.

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