Better aero for Polestar 60s

For a brand which has committed to phasing out all its internal combustion engines soon, Volvo’s Polestar performance cars are an oddity.

Only the most ardent motorsport enthusiast realise that Volvo competes in WTCC and allegedly its learnings from global touring cars have been transposed to the new 60-Series Polestar cars.

Available in both S60 and Labrador-friendly V60 configuration, these new Polestars are powered by Volvo’s twin-charged 2-litre four-cylinder, good for 270kW, 470Nm and with an eight-speed Borg-Warner auto and AWD, the claimed 0-100kph time is 4.7 seconds. Brisk? Very.

They look rather fetching too, with an array of carbon-fibre styling accoutrements and 20-inch alloy wheels. Volvo claims the 2017 Polestars generate 30% more downforce too, directly translating knowledge gained from WTCC racing.

Other performance enhancing bits include Brembo six-pot callipers (very necessary with a 1753kg kerb weight) and adjustable dampers from Swedish motorcycle and off-road racing specialist, Öhlins.

The only debit to all this Nordic cool? Of the global production of 1500, South Africa’s only getting 24 cars, with an allocation of 23 S60s and one V60 wagon. Going to be quite a collector’s item, that one…

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