Check out the Audi TT 20 Years edition’s seats

TT celebrates 20 with retro seats

The Audi TT is 20. If you’re anything like us, that’ll make you feel old. Perhaps sad and wistful about the speed at which life flies by.It arrived in the late 1990s and was, in some peculiar way, a precursor to the Audi’s ambitions of building a mid-engined German supercar. Which eventually happened, with R8.

But like Three Lions, its appeal is just as strong as in 1998, it’d seem. Albeit for different reasons. The Audi TT range has just enjoyed a big update, and with it comes this TT 20 Years edition.

Just 999 will be made (just like the R8 RWS), all finished in grey paint with brown leather, whose colour and contrast stitching ape the ‘baseball leather’ seats first seen on the original Audi TT Roadster concept.

Alright, it’s a bit tarty, but we think it looks quite cool. You can compare and contrast both in the pictures above, but we reckon the new car doesn’t do too shabby a job of aping its ancestor.

The TT 20 Years comes as both a coupe and roadster, but if you want to show off those seats, you probably need the soft top. Prices are yet to be announced, but it’s probably best expect a reasonable premium over the TT’s entry price. This one’s pretty limited, after all… Although it is debatable whether the 20-year edition model will be as valuable in two decades from now, as one of those original first-generation TTs have become, since 1998.


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