Alpina XD3 is a 250kph diesel SUV

The Alpina XD3 is a 250kph diesel SUV

Gotta love an Alpina. Even the diesel-y, SUV-y ones like the new Alpina XD3, which will make its debut at next week’s Geneva motor show. Besides the fantastically kerbable multi-spoke alloys, quad-exhausts and schporty bumpers, Alpina has handed this mid-sized crossover a 245kW, twin-turbocharged six-cylinder diesel engine, giving 0-100kph in 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 250kph.

Which sounds great – until you find out in left-hand drive markets the XD3 gets a QUAD-turbo diesel with 285kW and enough torque to move the moon a few feet closer to Earth. We’re not taking it personally. Honest. But 700Nm is number that does generate a certain amount of jealousy.

An eight-speed automatic transmission sends power to all four wheels in both versions, and there’s an ‘active’ limited-slip diff on the rear-axle. That gearbox, the all-wheel drive system and adjustable dampers all get Alpina-specific tuning. Prices are to be announced, but you should be able to order from the second quarter of this year.

It’s always a strange niche to consider, that within the exclusivity domain of BMW exists this rare stratosphere of Alpina. Cars that are modified but somehow remains impeccably tasteful and provide the required blend of performance and classic BMW attributes that the M-Division does not always manage to execute.


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