A Fiat 500 is pretending to be a Porsche 911

This is a love or hate car. And there’s an easy to test to see which side you’re on with this Fiat: are you reading this with a big grin on your face, or through the small gaps between your fingers as you desperately try to cover your eyes?

Someone in Greece has taken an innocent little Fiat 500 and plastered on lights and panels to make it look like a 996-generation Porsche 911. Sort of. A bit. If you tilt your head and squint…

Why the 996, we’re not sure. The 500 comes with cute little round headlights as standard, just like any generation of 911 that’s not the 996 of the late nineties and early noughties. So the owner wins points for the challenge they’ve presented themselves. The 996 is also – arguably, of course – the least pretty of all the 911s, but then perhaps that makes this curious creation less of a design stretch.

It’s been revealed on the Facebook page ‘How not to design a car’, and is probably one of the saner things on there. Prepare to lose an inordinate amount of your day scrolling through the mad creations it gives internet infamy. Spend enough time in the bowels of the page and you might conclude this 500 and 911 combination – a 1411, if you will – is actually a real-life Micro Machine, and really quite cute.

Yeah, we’re going for a lie down.

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