Volkswagen has built a very mad Jetta for Bonneville

Volkswagen's boosted Jetta for Bonneville

This is no ordinary Volkswagen Jetta. It is a Volkswagen Jetta built in collaboration with THR Manufacturing, producing over 370kW and – VW is hoping – the ability to top 335kph.

That top speed is important. It’s the current BGC/C class record at Bonneville (335kph to be exact), which VW wants to claim when it runs this four-door saloon at the iconic salt flats in Utah later this month.

“With this attempt at the record we want to underline the sporting potential of the new Jetta,” explains VW America boss Hinrich J Woebcken.

As you would expect from a car built to break a speed record, it has been lightly fettled. The only thing that remains inside – besides its steely-eyed driver – is a set of pedals, a steering wheel, a bucket seat, roll cage and fire extinguisher. Everything else has been consigned to the bin.

Dig a little further, and there’s the familiar 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo EA888 engine – like you’ll find in the Golf GTI – pumped up to well over 370kW, a limited slip differential, lowered suspension, and special wheels and tyres to deal with Bonneville’s surface. Also, rear parachutes.

If successful, it’ll mean this grey saloon-spaceship will be the world’s fastest near-production Volkswagen. Also, it’ll be a really, really fast Jetta which is not something usually expressed out loud.

It’ll add to VW’s trophy cabinet, what with the company recently setting a new record at Pikes Peak with its electric I.D. R racer.

The attempts will take place between 11 and 17 August. Reckon it’ll make it?

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