Want a BMW M2 Convertible?

It's the M2 summer edition

The BMW M2 Convertible doesn’t exist. Not officially, anyway. But this is no hallucination, either: a German tuner by the name of Lightweight Performance has turned a regular 2 Series Convertible into a full-on, open-topped M2. We suspect it might not be so, um, lightweight.

“Visual conversions from a 2 Series Convertible to an M2 already exist,” explains Lightweight. “So that would be no challenge for us at all.”

Their challenge instead, then, was to insert the M2 Coupe’s exquisite list of technical content into a body it wasn’t really designed for. Naturally. This Lightweight car – nicknamed ‘Hillary’ for reasons we really don’t understand – gets M2 axles front and rear, the M2’s diff, modified rear track-rods, Bilstein clubsport suspension, and even transmission, DSC and diff software from the hardcore M4 GTS.

To that it adds the M2’s seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. And to that, it adds the party piece: a tuned version of the M2’s lovely straight-six turbo engine – which indeed, BMW pinched from the M4 – here producing 315kW and 600Nm of torque. It’s been treated to a titanium exhaust with carbon end pipes. Lightweight reckons on a top speed of 300kph, which really is more than enough. Especially if the roof’s down.

There’s more, naturally. It sticks with the 2 Series cab’s original brakes (erm), but adds steel braided brake lines, gets the M4 GTS’s ABS alignment, sits on 20in/21in front/rear alloys, and some things on the outside that you can probably see. Things like a carbon fibre front splitter with side blades. And a lightweight carbon rear diffuser and spoiler. And the carbon kidney grille and bonnet and interior trim.

The overall result is a car that will, according to Lightweight, allow you to enjoy “country roads and mountain passes with utmost pleasure”. If you want one, Lightweight says it’ll cost R1.2m for the whole thing.


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