Mansory’s latest carbon mods are almost subtle

Mansory relaxes its outlandish styling

Mansory has been the perpetrator of plenty of crimes against cars and common sense. Its offerings at this year’s Geneva motor show were no different, although its new fetish for crushed-carbon finishes was a worrying trend. Why you’d want to spoil a supercar with a kitchen worktop finish is beyond TG’s tiny minds.

No stranger to a brag, Mansory says “unlike other refinement specialists, Mansory manufactures its carbon components itself using in-house autoclaves. This requires a lot of in-house know-how, which the engineers and designers have perfected throughout the years.”

Anyway, the latest product from Mansory is almost tasteful. But not quite. These bespoke crushed carbon components for the Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S allow the more money than sense brigade to swap out the standard bonnet, diffuser and air intakes for lighter, fussy-looking carbon. At least on this grey example, it isn’t really noticeable.

Has the madness peaked? We can but wonder.

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