Santa’s new sled

We don’t know if Reindeer have unionised. Or if the sled is out of motorplan, but this year saw Santa go with the world’s oldest car brand for his delivery logistics.

If you’re thinking Mercedes-Benz, you are correct, but if you assumed Vito, you’d be wrong. Instead the word’s hardest working retirement age person has decided to with something rather new – and unconventional – from Merc. Something with X-factor.

An X-Class. The double-cab bakkie which has been the news story of the year for South African audiences, after its international reveal happened earlier in 2017, down in Cape Town – which is quite far away from the arctic circle where Santa operates.

That said, X-Class has all the features required. Permanent four-wheel drive to ensure there’s no getting stuck in the snow. Comprehensive infotainment to keep the old guy in the red suit from falling asleep whist driver (not to mention lane-departure assists) and a particularly powerful V6 engine to power it all along.

There’s little faulting of Santa’s choice. We even approve of the colour, which is the limonite yellow hue that Mercedes used for its X-Class concept, but has captivated bakkie fans to such a degree of enthusiasm, it could become a production option too. One certainly does hope.

So, the man with the most logistically challenging job in the world certainly thinks that X-Class is a fantastic solution to his delivery issues. Will South Africans think the same when X-Class arrives locally in a few months’ time?

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