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Drive review of fashionable Audi Q2

If I had a mouthful of coffee when the Q2’s prodigious spec sheet tallied to a R695 550 as ‘tested price’ I’d probably still be wiping droplets of caffeine from the corners of my keyboard. And I’m certainly not one for overly dramatic reactions to a brand highlighting its dazzling array of options but I took quite the exception to this. For the cost of TopGear’s Audi Q2 you could get behind the wheel of any derivative besides the barmy RS Q3. And you’d still have some wiggle room with the options.

Strip away all the options so to be bereft of S line kit, panoramic roof, extra shiny lights and reduced connectivity – which nobody will buy – and the price would still easily see you into a Q3. There’s a horrible price discrepancy here that seems at its worst when calculated to the South African market.

From the onset it’s apparent that the number 2 is symbolic of the adults this junior Audi SUV is able to transport in comfort. Which apart from a marginal ride height advantage, means those SUV credentials are quite muddled. Rear legroom is squished – Q2’s wheelbase and overall length slightly debited against the A3 Sportback’s. Fewer complaints about the boot space at 405-litres.

Flattered by its enormously pricey optional equipment the Q2’s cabin connects with the driver through a myriad ways while the normal architecture appears as fresh as ever. That said it’s not overly luxurious, not the sort of leather-wrapped plushness you’d expect for the price because ultimately the Audi Q2 has fairly ordinary bones. Yep expect some hard plastics.

Fitted with the largest of the turbo petrol engines – that’s 110kW and 250Nm – through Audi’s S tronic dual clutcher proves once again to be the firm’s evergreen solution to downsizing, so much so that to find any suitable hyperbole to the way it burns fuel is almost impossible. The quest for efficiency, response and a plateau of torque renders it expectedly invisible from the whole equation.

Afflicted by low profile rubber the ride does jiggle on and off and we’d think there’d be some improvements to be felt if it used a fully independent multi-link setup at the rear. But handling is nothing short of direct, which is about as big a compliment as you can bestow upon an SUV, even if it’s unlikely to get your pulse racing.

If it’s true that fashion can blind one’s normal judgement, the Audi Q2 is a prime example. Few cars this year have enjoyed such a magnetic attraction to its high-society chiselled lines with contrasting panel colours stilted on large S-line alloys. No doubt there’s better value to be found elsewhere.

  • Price: R529 500 (base price)
  • 1395cc, 4cyl turbo petrol, FWD, 7A
  • 110kW, 250Nm
  • 5.2l/100km, 119g/km CO2
  • 0-100km/h in 8.5 sec, 212km/h
  • 1355kg
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